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learn to move beautifully

Sway is a 45 minutes dance lesson to learn beautiful and artistic moves and enjoy the fun of movement to music

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it's A lesson


“I’m a total beginner, I don’t think I can move or dance at all”

As a dance teacher, I’ve heard this sentence hundreds, thousands, millions of times.
Every single person who steps into a dance studio for the first time says those magic words. EVERY.

Although your hesitation and doubts are legit, let me tell you that you can make it to dance.

I’ll guide you step by step in a easy process to start the first movements and see from the very beginning how your body can dance.
I have now decades of experience in training beginners and competitors and trust me, you can make it.

Fancy Dance Shoes

no partner needed
dance with a pro

Sway is a ProAm (Professional/Amateur) lesson. A session designed for the student to dance with the teacher

don't miss this chance
I'll be in Boston

from april 4th to 8th only

The lessons are going to take place at the Dance Stream Studio

54 Lincoln Street, Newton, MA

For bookings
Please, leave your contact details and you will receive a call from us to schedule your lesson

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Dancing Salsa


the price
$165/45 mins

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