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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I'm Peppe, I'm from Italy and I'm a professional latin american dancer and teacher.

During my career I've been awarded of many prestigious national and international classes.


But instead of listing my results and prizes (which you can see here) I want to talk to you about something more interesting and that counts a lot to me: my beliefs, my values, my philosophy and what dancing is to me.

Dance is a vehicle to reach your purposes. It is magic. It teaches who you are, it makes you discover your inner desires and wishes; it drives you forward beyond your limits to be a better person.


It is an incredible journey where you meet yourself

Believe me, I have been there and it’s a magic world.

Today my purpose is to share the beauty of dancing with the people around me and help them to reach their purposes in life.

That’s why I’ve created several training program based on completely different approaches, depending on what your purpose in dancing is.

What does make you feel alive? What does feed your soul?


Dancer highlights

  • Star Couple (Top 50 WDSF Couples)

  • 2 times Austrian Vice-Champion

  • Member of the Austrian National Team

  • Austrian delegate for World and European Championships

  • Austrian delegate for World and European Cups

  • Demonstrator for the Austrian Adjudicators Congress

  • Finalist at the French National Championships

  • Finalist at the Latvian National Championships

  • Colombian National Team Trainer

  • 7th place at the Slovakian National Championships

  • 4th place World Open Ancona, Italy

  • 4th place World Open Miami, USA

  • 6th place International Open Jelenia Gora, Poland

  • 5th place International Open Burgas, Bulgaria

  • 5th place International Open Riga, Latvia

  • 6th place International Open Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary

  • 5th place International Open Mellieha, Malta

  • 3rd place International Open Nice, France

  • 5th place International Open Debrecen, Hungary

  • 6th place International Open Burgas, Bulgaria

  • 3rd place International Open Bourg en Bresse, France

  • 1st place International Open Kaunas, Lithuania

  • 5th place International Open Nice, France

Coach achievements

  • Trainer of Italian cup winners or finalists

  • Trainer of italian championships winner or finalists

  • Trainer of Rising Stars international competition finalists

  • Trainer of Under 21 international competition finalists

  • Trainer of Youth international competition finalist

  • Trainer of the colombian national team

Further successes

  • Inventor and creator of the app Catch the Beat

  • Former president of the Excellence Club

  • Organizer of the Excellence Team Match

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