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Join the 3-weeks dance program on rhythmicality in Samba. Learn how to master your body actions to create exciting and unpredictable rhythmical patterns in your samba.


is a one-to-one training program including 6 private lessons in 3 weeks

What is the benefit of a one-to-one private training program?

You schedule your private lessons whenever you want!

let me introduce you
the dream team


Peppe Incatasciato

Well, you know me. I'm the master of disaster. No need of introductions. If you are reading this page, most probably it's because you have been invited by me.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-01 at 19.38_edited.jpg

Katharina Wuerrer

Katharina is not only 5 times austrian champion and finalist in several international competitions... She is the best and sexiest female dancer in Austria! She is a great mover and every female dancer in Austria should take lessons from her.

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Emanuele Spampinato

Simply because one italian was not enough, here is Emanuele. An incredibly talented dancer bringing to Vienna the fire of Sicily.

Let's welcome our guest teacher! Emanuele is a licensed ProAm teacher for PTVÖ in Austria and a licensed international judge for the World Dance Council. Looking forward to see him in action!

The 3 weeks program

week 1
lesson 1 - peppe
lesson 2 - peppe

week 2
lesson 3 - katharina
lesson 4 - emanuele

week 3
lesson 5 - katharina
lesson 6 - peppe

week 1 starts on monday 6th of september

hurry up
if you want to join the program

If you have an Apollo ProAm block, you can join the program and tick your six private lessons from the block without additional charges

for entries and bookings
contact peppe at +39 392 77 34 357

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